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  • Add the free Chrome plugin
  • Find your prospect's social media profile, Press the Sharetivity button and receive relevant content suggestions immediately.
  • We have built a proprietary content discovery system to find the best data sources for your prospects.
  • We use machine learning to know which content are most useful for you and your prospects
  • The content is available in Sharetivity or in your sales tool to share and nurture your prospects.

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Sales automation has made the life of the average salesperson a lot simpler to follow-up and provide timely information to their prospects. This has resulted in increased productivity by being able to do more outreach through automation.


Since this approach of using automation tools for outreach is becoming pervasive, prospects are receiving too many emails. This is leading to a decline of engagement since prospects are being overwhelmed with automated outreach.



To augment the automation of template emails and differentiate yourself from your competitors sharing relevant, informative content to your prospects adds value and keeps you top of their mind. Studies have shown, salespeople that share content regularly are more likely to exceed quota. Sharing content that your prospect would find interesting builds a unique emotional connection and a deeper relationship.

The top benefits of Sharetivity

  • Machine Learning

    Sharetivity has developed an algorithm that learns from how you and your prospects interact with content. We calculate a rating that shows how new incoming content compares to previous interactions with content so you know what will be opened and read first.

    Our machine learning method will save you an enormous amount of time in finding content and ensure it has the highest value. With GDPR on the way it is becoming more important to have content that is relevant and has value to your prospects - our methods factor in GDPR rules.

  • Content discovery

    Sharetivity's proprietary technology discovers only the best and most relevant content websites on the web for you. We are sure that our content discovery has no comparison and would be happy to share why we can make that bold statement - why not just give it a try and compare, there is nothing to lose.

  • Integration into sales stack

    Companies invest large amounts of money and effort in sales stack tools so their Salespeople have processes in place that make them more productive and have activities that can be tracked. We are committed to providing our unique service in whichever Sales Tools and/or CRM you use. We believe we can increase the ROI of most tools in the sales stack and we are pleased to challenge ourselves to do that for you - just let is know what tools you use.


Sharetivity is actively looking to integrate into other sales tools. Sales is not just about outreach it is about measurable quality outreach and that is what we can add to your tool making it more indispensable to your clients. So if you would like to have your users have access to have that quality content they can share with their prospects in your service please contact Ankesh at Or call him at 650-740-6140

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