Intelligent Prospecting

Providing your sales team timely content for personalized outreach.

How it works

  • We aggregate your prospects social feeds, i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Instagram.
  • We analyze this hosepipe of information, surfacing the most important posts
  • We provide your salespeople with suggested responses. Our research and analysis saves your sales team an enormous amount of time.The personalized outreach significantly increases engagement
  • We use machine learning to know which content is most useful for you and your prospects
  • The content is available in Sharetivity or in your sales tool to share and nurture your prospects.

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Why the move to Social Selling

Traditional outreach such as cold calling, emails and inMails have seen a decline in Sales has always been about personalization and relationships.Social selling boosts the sales production of your team. This is especially true for industries, like staffing, where it is very competitive.Now the opportunity has arrived to build and maintain personal connections with clients and candidates through the power of social signals.

social selling
why Sharetivity

Why Sharetivity?

If your Sales team spends time online in researching prospects. Or you want them to, but it’s been too time consuming. Your Sales team are looking for options to the “Checking in” email. So much better to share content they’d be interested in. You are looking for visibility and reporting on how your Social Selling efforts are converting into revenue.

Top Performers Sell Socially

We looked at how the top performers were overachieving using Social Selling techniques. This was nothing complicated, like bouncing around Google, Linkedin, Twitter and other Social sites to learn about their prospects and find interesting content to share to stay top of mind. We just automated those manual processes to save time and to be more productive. Then we integrated it into the top CRM’s on the market, so it dovetails nicely into your workflow. Lastly, you obviously want to know how Social outreach is working, so we layered reporting using your CRM’s reporting structure.

why Sharetivity
ROI: Sharetivity


Time saving - Typically a salesperson can spend 20 mins online researching a prospect. We reduce this to 5 minutes. So multiply the number of prospects your team target and multiply that by 15 mins.

Higher engagement - Using an automated process will find higher quality content your prospect will want to read than trying this manuallyt. Higher quality content based on the prospects social interests will result in even higher engagement still.

Reporting - Optimize your processes based on what content works with which users.

The top benefits of Sharetivity

  • Leads

    From the news alerts you create we find leads from the people mentioned in those articles. With our proprietary Machine Learning, we then provide you with a personalized email with a similar article to the one your lead was mentioned in. Hence allowing you in seconds to have a personalized quality outreach email.

  • Socialize your prospects and leads

    In seconds find all the Social accounts of your prospects and accounts. Providing you with some color and icebreaker material to increase your conversion and engagement.

  • Integration into sales stack

    Companies invest large amounts of money and effort in sales stack tools so their Salespeople have processes in place that make them more productive and have activities that can be tracked. We are committed to providing our unique service in whichever Sales Tools and/or CRM you use. We believe we can increase the ROI of most tools in the sales stack and we are pleased to challenge ourselves to do that for you - just let us know what tools you use.

Chrome Extension's by Sharetivity

Sharetivity extension


Sharetivity is an easy way stay engaged with your customers and business associates.We help you discover the latest content with the the keywords/topics you select. You add articles via the Chrome pug-in and by forwarding emails to your Sharetivity account...


Sharetivity makes it easy to email content and be notified when it's been read. We do not access or modify your inbox like other services and we are free forever.When you are on a webpage you want to share you just click the extension and it will drop the article headline into the subject line...


Sharetivity: Contact and company prospecting

Sharetivity: Contact and company prospecting.

Shartivity is a button that will extract the main data from a prospects’ Linkedin profile and then use Machine Learning to find the most relevant content for that prospect for outreach. Increase prospect engagement and sales...


Sharetivity: Gmail prospecting.

Sharetivity: Gmail prospecting.

Working is in progress for this extension. It will allow you to get information about your lead/prospect like their company information, notes added by you for the user, their linkedin profile. For all this you don't have to leave your inbox for that...



Sharetivity is actively looking to integrate into other sales tools. Sales is not just about outreach it is about measurable quality outreach and that is what we can add to your tool making it more indispensable to your clients. So if you would like to have your users have access to have that quality content they can share with their prospects in your service please contact Ankesh at Or call him at 650-740-6140

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