Sharetivity is a content discovery and sharing tool for Sales professionals. It allows them to nurture customers and prospects by sharing content their prospect would find interesting, helping to break the ice or keep the salesperson top of mind.

Top performing Sales people share content now, Sharetivity makes it easier to discover and manage the sharing.

There are 3 components in Sharetivity, Contact, Company and Keyword.

Contact or Company. We have a Linkedin Chrome extension which when you click on when in Linkedin will take the page, Profile or Company and provide recommended content based on the keywords from that page.

With Keyword (s) you can add keywords and we will find the freshest content for that keyword.

Yes our objective is to allow salespeople to access our content in all major CRM’s and outreach services.
Firstly, we made it really simple, because we believe salespeople should be selling. So we save time in looking through social profiles, searches etc. One click you get content recommendations. Secondly, we have the access to the best content being created daily. We have a team of people focused on finding the best and freshest content on the web. Lastly, we use machine learning to screen the incoming content and display content most relevant to you based on your previous actions.
Yes you can. We have a Chrome plug-in that allows you to add the content you are browsing to read and potentially share later. sharetivity.com/download
Absolutely, forward the email to me@sharetivity.com. It has to come from the email account you've created your Sharetivity account, so we can post it to that account.
Yes, just mouse over the grid items and you can select as many as you want to share.
You can do that. When you select the articles you want to share it'll ask you it you want to add to an existing thread or a new one.

We have a unique mechanism that gets the best content from the web curated for your interests.

You get fresh content daily !

All you need is an email address and password.

We will send you a daily email of “Grid”, a screenshot of all the images, links and excerpts. When you go to your account, we have an easy way for you to select the content you want to share on your social media channels.

Sharetivity is free for the first 15 days.We’d like you it try it and make sure you find it valuable. After that’s $25 a month for 100 contacts/Companies/keywords

You can bookmark any piece of content. Just look for the bookmark image on the bottom right of any piece of content. This will be available for you to on the top menu bar under bookmarks.

Yes, just check the "follow" button next to the publication on the grid. You can go to the top menu bar and see all the publications you are following. So you can visit that occasionally to make sure you've not missed anything from your favorite publications.

You can click on the tag icon next to the alert on the top menu. This gives you a list of frequently used words for that alert. e.g. If you have an alert for "photography" a keyword may be "low light". So by clicking on low light, you can see all the articles for that keyword. The bigger and bolder the keyword, implies more articles on that keyword.

Yes, just click on the alert on the top menu or by the article and it will filter the content.

To add keyword, search for it in the search box and it's automatically added. To delete it click the x next to the alert.