Sharetivity is a Social Selling automation service that is embedded in your CRM. Simply put the best Salespeople, Social Sites, like Linkedin Twitter, Facebook to learn about their prospects. They also do Google searches on notes in their CRM and to share content that may be icebreaker.

Sharetivity automates all those manual steps. Saving an enormous amount of time for Salespeople. It also automatically logs everything in the CRM, so reporting on what is effective can be analyzed.

Top performing Sales people share content now, Sharetivity automates all those manual functions in Social discovery giving a Salesperson more time to sell.

Sharetivity is embedded in your CRM workflow. So when you are at a Contact or Opportunity record you’ll have access to all the online Social and business information about that content and company. As well as suggested icebreaker content.

Yes, the primary way to access Sharetivity is through your existing CRM and outreach services.

We are the only company to automate the process associated with Social selling and incorporate them into your CRM.

Secondly, we use machine learning further automate manual process & to screen the incoming content and display content most relevant to you based on your previous actions.

Today, social selling is the use of social media to learn about prospects and customers, professional, hobbies, interests. Anything that helps a A salesperson, that gives a salesperson an advantage when reaching out to a prospect or engaging with an existing customers.

Social Selling automation is the use of technology to automate the manual processes a salesperson would do to discover that information. A simple example would be a Google search of a prospect and his company and integrating that into the Salesperson’s CRM.

Each has their advantages and disadvantages and should be used in conjunction with each other.

E.g. If you learn your prospect is attending a “Negotiating course”. You could email an interesting article on the subject of “Negotiating”

Social Selling is in a nascent state. We believe the future is in in AI to further automate those manual process that are time consuming for Salespeople

Imagine researching 10 prospects in a morning. That is looking for up to date information on the person, their company and their industry on linkedin, social feeds and google . That is 9 searches per prospect, multiple cut and pastes probably. Each time it the search takes time and then time spent looking for the good information or to find out there is none at all.

Then it is using that information to reach out to the client and logging that in the CRM and even following up. Let's assume 1 minute per search, 1 minute to read and select so that alone is 18 minutes per prospect. Then 1 minutes to reach out. So at least 20 minutes per prospect.

Sharetivity does all the above without even clicking on a button, it is put right in front of you in the CRM, so why leave the CRM. Likely time is 5 minutes with Sharetivity

So the above scenario might suggest that in the time it currently takes to search and reach out to 10 prospects Sharetivity would allow you to reach out 40 prospects. Or more likely it will be more than 15-20 prospects but with much better quality reach out- that is probably the real win. Seeing the impact of a sales team only sending out good relevant valuable information to a prospects will have an impact on the whole company. Poor social selling is no better than bad emails are bad phone calls. Sharetivity will increase your revenues.

Pretty much any B2B sales industry where a nurturing of prospects is required.

Commercial real estate


Professional services

We see a major advantage to the recruitment industry where both the client(company) and candidate need researching.

We are open to integrate to any CRM or web tool, just drop us a line and we will have a look at we can do the integration.