Finding engaging content using keywords

On the top of the dashboard you can see a button “Keywords”. These are designed to save you time in finding keywords that are relevant to your business that maybe mentioned by your prospects company. An example would be if you are selling cyber security solution, a keyword maybe “cyber security” or “online threats”. These Keywords will be highlighted in the company news, company website, SlideShare, 10Q’s, company’s job page.

If your prospects’ company have mentioned any of those keywords in any of their public material, that’s a great way to reach out to your prospect.

E.g. “Hi John, in reading your company blog, your CEO mentioned cyber security was a serious issue for your company. That promoted me to reach out to you....etc

You can not only add keywords, you can also give each keyword a rating 1-10. We calculate the keywords and give you a ranking of the account at the top of the page.

One tip, add other keywords that the company may use to talk about their initiatives. They may not specifically mention your offering in the same way you mention it, you are looking to show you’ve done your research and you have a business reason for your outreach, Examples of those words would be, priorities, threats, imperatives, initiatives, challenges, inventive, risks, initiatives, risk, expansion, contraction, strategy.

An outbound message leveraging any of these words would be so much more powerful than a generic templated email. You’ve done your research to understand the pain points of your prospect.

Ideal for business development, GoTo market, Sales enablement, Sales engagement, B2B sales

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