Sharing content from email newsletters

What is a better alternative than the “check-in email”? Adding value to your prospect… You are still checking in, without saying that. What is the easiest way to add value? Sharing a piece of relevant content. What that requires is surfing the web or better still subscribing to email newsletters in the industry you serve.

The problem is getting a bunch of emails in your inbox that are time consuming to read and fill up your inbox.

We’ve solve that problem in three ways, firstly with your Sharetivity account you get a free email address that you can use subscribe to publications that your prospects maybe interested in, they will not fill up your inbox but come as a news feed on your Sharetivity dashboard.

Secondly we extract images, so it’s easier to read.

Thirdly, you can filter them by publication, or more importantly by the keywords you have set up.

So when you want to next send a check-in email, share some content, bear in mind as long as the content is relevant the act of sharing is the real power.

Ideal for business development, GoTo market, Sales enablement, Sales engagement, B2B sales

You can try it out for free with the link below or learn more..